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    & so are you

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I Am Katie Phillips

I am a spokesperson, champion and advocate for Daring & Mighty Women everywhere. You are a seeker. And so am I.

My mission is to inspire and motivate you to live a life that feels even more authentic, empowered and valuable.

This site illustrates how I do that and how I can specifically support you or your organisation.

The Story    

Empowering Women

I love nothing more than to support, educate and inspire others who are committed to consciously creating their life.

Empowering women to be who they came here to be is my happy place and I do that through speaking on stage, on camera and online.

I notably spoke on the TED-X Stage for Google London and have a podcast to which I haphazardly add shows when I am inspired.

The Speaker    

Mighty Words

In 2015 my first book was published.

‘The Self Love Affair - A Woman’s Guide To A Daring & Mighty Life’ responds to the needs of women who know in their heart that they were put on the earth to do something special and who are ready to stop listening to the voice of self-doubt and start loving themselves. Thereby creating a life they love and are proud of.

This is a practical workbook, empowered woman manifesto, meditation library and autobiography rolled into one.

The Author    

Do you dare

I support women leaders with very bespoke and discreet coaching support so they can play a bigger game while honouring their wellbeing, relationships and highest values. I can work with men in the same way.

It’s easy to be compromised and to lose yourself when you are driven by big goals, ambitions and desires. There's added pressure when you are leading big teams or on stage and in the public eye. I hold a high level space and offer consistent support to either move you through times of upheaval and challenge or to raise you to your next level when you are being called.

“Who’s taking care of you while you are taking care of the world!?”

The Coach    



Breathwork Healing

I love guiding my clients through these 'Spiritual Workouts' because it allows for their body wisdom to step forward and heal on multiple levels in a unique and personal way that no amount of talking and coaching can.

When combined with coaching, breathwork healing is incredibly powerful. Equally, as a stand alone offering, it provides a safe space for significant self awareness, energetic release and positive transformation.

The Healer    

Daring & Mighty Events

Whether it's a group breathwork healing, women's circle, online workshop or inspirational dinner - our agenda is always to empower women in a safe space.

Our events offer an unapologetic space to hook into your awesomeness and to be inspired by other incredible women.

Our intention is that you leave our events feeling invigorated and transformed so we ensure the venue, the speakers and the focus of the event are all designed to lift you up.

The Events    

Start your journey

I founded The School of Self-Love for people who want more from life. Who feel empty, exhausted and disconnected. There is a lack of self knowing and a tendency to rely on external validation for a sense of self worth. They are ready to learn a more authentic, aligned and empowered way of doing life.

At The School of Self Love we take you on a journey of self discovery, empowering you to take care of yourself, to connect in to your desires and dreams so that you can live and act with passion, purpose and confidence.

"Are you ready to start deeply knowing and loving yourself?"

The School