Katie loves to support, educate and inspire others who are committed to consciously creating their life.

Empowering women to be who they came here to be is her happy place and she does that through speaking on stage, on camera and online.

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Show Reel

A selection of Katie's speaking engagements

TED-X : Self Love = Happiness



Katie is regularly interviewed on the energetics of calling in love. The Love Machine Podcast by Celebrity Dating Coach, James Preece, shares her approach to dating and relationships.

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The Love, Dating & Relationships Podcast hosted by Julie Grimm.


A Masterclass for The Allbright Online Membership Community


Katie is regularly interviewed on dating in midlife. The Midlife Mentors Podcast by Claire & James Davies, shares her approach to dating and relationships.


A ground breaking interview series that shares how you can approach your menopause with positivity and optimism.

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Katie was a co-host for the Beta version of this online talk-show from www.fullywoman.com - a revolutionary women's empowerment platform. She also hosted the expert faculty mini-courses which are only available to members of the Fully Woman community.


Maryon Stewart invited Katie to speak to her membership community on self love and finding love in mid-life.


Katie is available, upon request, for interviews and speaking engagements.

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Daring & Mighty Dinner Series - The Allbright, London

Being brand you!

Good Girls Eat Dinner


Daring & Mighty Dinner Series - The Allbright, London

The Importance Of Telling Your Story

Entrepreneurial Leaders Live

Love Yourself Woman!

HeadTalks Interview


Daring & Mighty Dinner Series - The Allbright, London

I love nothing more than inspiring, motivating and moving an audience into making their lives count. I can tailor my talks to both male and female audiences and enjoy collaborating with you to create a talk that perfectly suits your needs.

My biography and a selection of testimonials are below for your perusal.

Let's speak to explore your brief and exactly what you desire to deliver at your event - whether it be online or in person.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Much love, Katie x

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Fiona Quinn

Event Manager, Google

"As an organiser of an event like Ted-X for a company like Google, it’s important to me that booking our speakers is as easy as possible and that they deliver an engaging and impactful talk. Katie ticked those boxes.

Her TED-X talk was incredibly well received, invoking tears and laughter from the audience.

Our employees were engaged by her friendly energy and relatable story telling.

Many were inspired to also apply the practical tools she shared."

Courtney Griffiths

Cultural Programming Manager - The Allbright Club, London

"It is rare that you find someone so calm, collected, positive and a joy to work with when hosting events.

Katie’s Daring & Mighty dinner series is packed with fantastic speakers, interesting guests and good discussions in a safe space.

Her workshop on Self Love (hosted on our online platform) left everyone feeling so motivated and inspired!"


Digital Content - We Are The City

"Katie recently ran an incredibly engaging and insightful webinar for our members at WeAreTheCity.

She has the ability to captivate the audience through her warm and friendly energy and was able to create a nurturing space where our members felt safe to open up and build conversation around self-love. I highly recommend Katie to anyone who is looking for an inspirational speaker!"

Oliver Chittenden

Founder, HeadTalks

"Headtalks has engaged Katie to conduct filmed interviews, moderate live events and speak to corporate audiences.

She is always enthusiastic to make herself available for any event and I know I can always rely on her to deliver exactly what is required dependant on the client's needs. She is comfortable both on camera and in front of a live audience.

Katie's Talks cover topics such as self love, wellbeing, overcoming grief, stress and leading a healthy lifestyle."

Simona Barbieri

CEO Founder, HubDot

"Katie shared her story on the Hub Dot stage at ‘The art of YOU event’ in 2016. It was one of our most popular events with over 200 attendees who had come to hear stories and connect in a meaningful way.

Katie delivered her story in the most passionate, natural and compelling way. Everyone was moved to tears by her words and her honesty. She spoke from the heart and everyone listened.

I could not recommend her highly enough for anyone who is looking to engage any audiences in an authentic way."

Jo Wallace

Founder, Good Girls Eat Dinner

"Katie was an excellent, engaging speaker at Good Girls Eat Dinner.

She had a strong, clear message and instantly gripped the audience in a calm manner, leaving them feeling inspired and empowered.

From a logistical perspective, it was a simple pleasure to liaise with Katie regarding dates and times.

I would definitely recommend Katie as a speaker."

Su Agkun

Diversity & Wellbeing Manager, Osborne Clarke LLP

"Katie's talk on self-love was very well received at Osborne Clarke.

Her personable style, openness and honesty shone through and enabled our audience to achieve a close connection and to be inspired.

We would love to have her back and would recommend her as a great speaker."

Helen Packham

Business & Leadership Coach

"Katie is a remarkable speaker. At my recent event she had the entire room captivated with her powerful and compelling story.

Katie tailored her messages to the theme of the event perfectly and made her mark on every member of the audience.

She has a very captivating and authentic style and is a professional and highly skilled speaker."

Baeth Davis

Intuitive Business Catalyst

“What a pleasure to collaborate with Katie. We created a 5-part mini-course together for an online learning platform. She was timely, organized and efficient in helping me organize the content, the recording sessions and the promotion of the course.

As the host of the course modules, Katie is tele-genic, personable and asks thoughtful questions. I’m so pleased with how the project is turning out and am excited to work with Katie again in the near future.”

Maura Barclay

Soulboss & Intuitive Leadership Consultant

"I had the pleasure of working with Katie on a project for Fully Woman. She hosted my 5-day intensive course so our work together included pre-production coordination, logistics and the filming of each module.

She has the rare combination of detail oriented professionalism and a warmth that invites her interviewee to feel comfortable and give their best. Her style is fully collaborative. I never felt like I was being interviewed, instead I felt like we were a couple of old friends having a good ol' chat.

Her many years as an intuitive coach are brought to bear as she knows exactly what to ask and precisely where to put her questions. Like a really good dance partner, she made me smart, funny and original."



"Working with Katie was a blast!

I had never been a part of a talkshow style conversation or hosted a challenge. Having Katie as a host made this transition a blast.

She was such a great host who made the events more exciting and intriguing at the same time. I would highly recommend her as a host and speaker."

Dr Sheri Rosenthal

CEO - Wanderlust Entrepreneur

"Working with Katie was such a relaxing breeze!

She is prepared as a host and production director, knows her topic, and is able to ask questions and direct conversation in a way that makes the final content engaging and compelling.

Her on-the-spot creativity makes it possible to take projects in directions that make them even better than expected.

If you need an amazing heart-based host or project manger - you have it in Katie."

Naia Leigh

Transformational Coach

"Katie is an amazing person and was so wonderful to work with during our pre-production and filming of our Fully Woman workshop series.

Katie is bright, caring, inspired and enthusiastic, all while being professional and efficient. We had a lot of fun!

I really look forward to all that she is creating and know that all who get to co-create with her and experience her work will be very blessed and better for it."

Jeanna Gabellini

Master Business Coach

"I loved producing my interview series with Katie on Magnetising Money. She made the process easy, relaxed and fun! She was great at tuning in to the content and highlighting key points for the listeners. Also, loved her questions that took the conversation deeper!"


Love, Relationships & Intimacy Coach

“Katie is masterful at creating just the right mix of safety and trust whilst asking daring questions that go right to the heart.

This inspires conversation that is at once meaningful and vulnerable, opening minds and hearts to new ways of being that inspire positive change.

I loved being part of the panel that Katie ingeniously created –

the experience of each of us panelists was unique and yet we shared a single-hearted vision on the healing power of intimacy.

Katie kept this gold thread alive throughout the evening and everyone left feeling they had accessed something unique and special within.

I'll say it again, Katie is masterful.”

Naomi Cambridge

Relationship Researcher

"I so loved my experience of speaking at Katie’s Daring and Mighty Event I am doing it again!

Katie is a consummate professional when it comes to presenting and hosting events.

She created the most loving, generous and safe space for everyone present to get vulnerable, share honestly and talk about sex and intimacy in a way many present had not experienced before."

Juliette Karaman

Feel Fully You Movement

"Katie created the most intimate and safe space at her Daring and Mighty dinner.

The way she hosted the evening had me, as a speaker, feel incredibly welcome and held and allowed me to open up fully to all our guests.

An evening where a much needed talk about intimacy was created by having frank, vulnerable and nourishing conversations.

I can’t wait to be part of the next Daring and Mighty event!"


Women's Empowerment Coach

“I had the pleasure of working with Katie in a series of interviews and it was such a powerful and magical experience.

For those of us creators who have so much to give, particularly in an interview setting it can be challenging and nerve-racking to find a concise way to share our message.

Katie’s presence and inviting energy allows you to feel at home immediately. She also thinks of everything, I don’t know how she does it but it’s a true gift. She’s very organized with her thoughts and helps you prepare so then when the interview comes you feel confident, empowered and ready.

Her dynamic, caring energy allowed me to not only absolutely enjoy the experience in the present moment, it also allowed me to share my message in a way that was so me and the results were magical as the feedback I received from my interviews was amazing and people felt an immediate shift in their lives.

A true win-win experience all around. Thank you Katie for your generosity of heart and brilliance.”

Ann Wilson

The Wealth Chef

"Thank you darling. It was such fun and more than that, deeply meaningful co-creating this with you."

In reference to the 5-day mini-course we created together for the Fully Woman platform.

Rachael Jayne Groover

Creator of Art of Feminine Presence®

"Katie was an utter pleasure to work with. She’s wise, articulate, confident and humble. Through every phase of the Fully Woman project I felt supported by her. She sure knows how to make others shine, as she shines herself."

Samantha Skelly

CEO - Hungry For Happiness & Pause Breathwork

"Katie is a rare and beautiful soul. You can feel her depth, yet lightness simultaneously as you work alongside her. Her heart for raising human consciousness and supporting women around the world is deeply inspiring. Katie's influence, energy and soul is the perfect remedy to shift rooms and elevate hearts."


Founder, Be Sophro

"Katie invited me to speak about Sophrology at her Daring and Mighty event. She is an inspiring and fantastic host! She is truly passionate and knowledgeable about self-development and manages to support very positive connection in the room. Thank you again for inviting me, I truly enjoyed it."


'Self-Love 101' Worskhop


“Great workshop!” / “Very powerful workshop with very engaging presenter” / “A wonderful workshop!” / “Compelling, motivating and assuring” / “Very informative and open” / “Excellent workshop!” / “My eyes were opened”


Enthusiastic facilitator / Learning new ideas / How to move forward / Learning how to journal! / Katie sharing her story and real life experiences / Creating awareness of what self love actually is / The emotional honesty of the teacher and the way she explained a process for moving forward / Knowing the 7 pillars of self love / Real, practical advice! / Practical tips for self love / The emphasis on trusting yourself / Truthfulness / Speaking from experience and not from theory adds value and brings it to life / The honesty from the speaker / Everything! / All was excellent!


Founder, Shine Wellbeing

“Katie was very generous to offer her time to an Emergency Service with a talk entitled Self Love 101. Her energy and passion filled the room with love and joy. Her words positively hit home to each person in the audience, including myself. I particularly liked the part about bringing awareness of self love and relating it to the modern world using the 7 pillars. The feedback we received from the audience was very rich and many people were drawn to buy her book. Thank you Katie for your kindness offering this workshop and sharing your personal journey. Your strength shined through.”


Katie is a Women’s Empowerment Master Coach, Love & Dating Mentor and Divine Masculine / Feminine Embodiment Guide who founded The School of Self-Love for women who want to learn a more authentic, aligned and empowered way of doing life.

Her first book, ‘The Self Love Affair - A Woman’s Guide To A Daring & Mighty Life’ was published in 2015. She notably spoke on the TED-X Stage for Google London and regularly speaks at and hosts events with a women’s wellbeing and empowerment focus.

Katie is the creator of the ‘Meet Your Soul Mate’ experience which is transforming women’s lives and allowing them to receive love with ease.

She is a loved up 6-figure business owner, mum and step mum with huge dreams and her passion and expertise is inspiring women to create a life they love without burn-out or guilt!

Katie has an engaged audience of 14,000 across multiple platforms. For topics she can speak to and more information, please CLICK HERE to download her Speaker Pack.

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