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My book, 'The Self Love Affair - A Woman's Guide To A Daring & Mighty Life' and the accompanying Guided Visualisation albums are powerful transformational tools available for purchase.


So much more than a self-help book!

This is your guide. Consider it your bible to living a daring and mighty life.

Katie shares her personal journey of awakening, healing and empowerment to inspire you to what is possible in your own life.

Also a powerful workbook, your guide is filled with practical exercises to help you to heal and move into self-love and living a life that you love. Self-Love is, after all, self-responsibility!

Only you can do the work required to create change in your life and Katie will show you her step-by-step approach to achieving massive life transformation.

A free library of music and meditations also accompany the book, making your journey fun and powerful.


If you are ready to make the decision to become the best version of you, I'll show you how to begin your Self-Love Affair, master your life and never look back.


In addition to the health benefits a regular meditation practice provides, Katie’s guided visualisations are a TOOL KIT that will assist you in more deeply knowing yourself, connecting with others and creating your deepest desires.

Whether you are new to meditation or already enjoy a regular practice, if you are a truth seeker on a path to greater self awareness and the desire for a daring and mighty life, this collection of guided visualisations can support you.

Delivered as downloadable MP3's, The Self-Love Affair Guided Meditation albums are a collection of powerful tools for:

• deep self awareness, self appreciation and self worth;

• emotional healing and forgiveness;

• connection with your spirit team and universal light;

• creating healthy relationships;

• powerful manifestation;

• present moment peace


My book and meditation albums are powerful, tangible tools that can help you heal limiting beliefs and sabotaging behavioural habits that are blocking you to living the life you deeply desire.