• Breathwork Healer


Breathwork has been a powerful part of my own healing journey and continues to be. It helps me to access subconscious parts of myself and tap into my own energetics which isn't rational or easy to explain but it's where I can receive really deep and lasting healing. It goes beyond the mind and understanding of what's wrong and allows me to heal on a soul and cellular level.

Breathwork healing is a beautiful addition to a transformational coaching journey. It’s a powerful modality that moves you quickly from your head, into your heart and soul.

I love guiding my clients through these 'Spiritual Workouts' because it allows for their body wisdom to step forward and heal on multiple levels in a unique and personal way that no amount of talking and coaching can.

When combined with coaching, breathwork healing is incredibly powerful. Equally, as a stand alone offering, it provides a safe space for significant self awareness, energetic release and positive transformation.

Some of my favourite benefits of breathwork :


  • Detoxes, bringing more alkalinity (offsetting acidity)
  • Releases physical pain
  • Boosts immunity
  • Increases energy, stamina & sex drive
  • Lowers cortisol, Releases Oxytocin & Endorphins


  • Provides new awarenesses and clarity of thought
  • Helps you to let go of negative thoughts
  • Allows you to surrender to ‘what is’, allowing more abundance, flow & ease
  • Brings you in the present moment where peace is accessible


  • Release stored anger, anxiety, heavy emotions
  • Let go of past hurt & painful memories
  • Feel joy, bliss and happiness
  • Experience forgiveness, compassion and peace


  • Feel deeper love & forgiveness - for self & others
  • Access your inner wisdom and soul purpose
  • Receive psychic & intuitive messages
  • Heal family & ancestral ties

I facilitate these sessions both in person and online.


I felt calm. I got rid of a load of toxins, sleep has been better and my back is feeling better!

- Emma

The breathwork was a new experience and, frankly, it’s deep effect of releasing was like emptying a dustbin that should’ve been emptied a long time ago;)

- Sophie

It was really powerful! I definitely surrendered to the process and enjoyed feeling more connected to myself.

- Teresa

I found it very cathartic and could feel the years of toxins and anger release. I slept for 10 hours! I loved it!

- Elle

I received some release and ease and clearly I ended up feeling very relaxed, because I missed the end of it - the last thing I remember was looking in the mirror at my future self and then I woke up 40 mins after the session had ended!!

- Maggie

I loved it. Surprised how much came out and I could do with doing it again.

- Helen

Breathwork session was amazing!! Did it yesterday. Loved all the integration bit at the end. Bring on some more!

- Jess

Breathwork session was fab. Felt like I really released even more - mainly the self criticism and self judgement.

- Emma

The breathwork healing and releasing was so powerful and beautiful! Lots of tears. My body was really shaking like I've breathed life into myself and I feel lighter. Thank you so much, Katie!

- Helen

I must say that the breathwork, although very challenging, was amazing. I woke up the next day and just felt such a sense of lightness. Thank you for guiding us through such an impactful experience.


I loved the breathwork! I'm so glad I joined. It felt very releasing and I felt really emotionally connected. There was stuff I needed to clear which felt really good.


Who's taking care of you while you are taking care of the world?


If you would like to explore receiving a private breathwork healing session with me (either in person or online via Zoom), please email me via the link below.

Upcoming group breathwork healing sessions will be listed on the EVENTS page of this website.

All retreats include breathwork healing sessions so please do be sure to register your interest in attending a retreat if you feel called.


“I have done breath work before, but usually in a group situation or a yoga class.

The one-to-one guided breath work session with Katie was on a completely different level.

It was an intense experience, but Katie created such a beautiful safe space that I felt totally comfortable in releasing whatever came up for me during the session. She explained the process clearly, with no expectation of specific outcomes, and her guidance throughout, felt gentle and intuitive.

It enabled me to access emotions and painful past experiences and yet move through them in a positive, nurturing way. It was quite the journey, but one I'm incredibly grateful to have gone on. It was exhausting, messy, and exhilarating but I felt an extraordinary sense of peace on the other side.

Everyone’s experience will be completely different and personal, but I definitely recommend trusting Katie to guide you to wherever you need to go through the power of your own breath.”

- Mikaela

“I booked a private breathwork healing session with Katie because I wanted to understand - and heal - why I often wake up in a panic, feel fearful of losing loved ones and become anxious about travelling too far from home. All the stress was making me feel exhausted and frequently nauseous.

Before the session I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to express emotion or that I might relax too much and fall asleep! I really wanted to get out of my head and into my body but didn’t trust that it was possible for me.

Katie provided a safe space with a music playlist and words that were tailored to what I’d emailed her in advance and which really supported me in releasing what needed to be let go. I can’t remember having a good cry in the last 10 years, since losing my mum, and it was such a release to let the tears and sobs out during the session. I also let go of a lot of anger and sadness.

We also tapped into generational wounds and unprocessed grief and trauma that belonged to my female family members - I realised that a lot of the fear I’ve been carrying wasn’t even mine and so we began the process of letting it go.

I have been feeling very calm and on an even keel since the session. I rarely wake up in such a panic or feel nauseous. I’m also clearer about what I’d like to do (and not do). The decisiveness is really interesting and a real bonus.

I probably need more sessions to feel like I have let go of everything I need to but this was an eye-opening and really positive start.”

- Anon

  • Sandra

    I was stuck. I had a successful career and was working hard and ‘achieving’ but was desperately unhappy and had no time for myself and felt so lost.

    Katie’s intuitive approach to coaching really worked for me. She pushes gently (in a way that is caring and considered) to ensure I get to the root of the issue myself. Now I know what I want, I care less about what other people think and I judge myself and others less harshly. I can connect better with the people around me and I love myself a whole lot more with a whole lot more to give.

    I am now in the driving seat in my life. I know what’s important to me and I am letting that purpose guide my decisions. I have set up my own business to help brands to better understand & engage with women.

    Coaching with Katie was worth every penny. If you’re ready to dig deep and address the root causes that are holding you back, I can highly recommend coaching with Katie.

  • Katrina

    I was frustrated by the disconnect between being able to run a very successful business while being in constant struggle with my personal life. It was one of the most powerful decisions I have ever made. She has taught me lessons that every woman should know.

    I now know who I am, how I feel and why, which makes me feel so light and free! I have finally started to stop worrying about what other people think. I’ve stopped being so hard on myself and am able to better care for myself. I no longer give all of my time and energy to others and miraculously that has helped to heal relationships with the people I care about most!

    Katie has changed my life forever. My business has improved dramatically as a result of this work and my relationships are so much stronger.

    I have learned that it’s safe to be me and to trust myself. I am so grateful to feel so liberated!

  • Helen

    I can honestly say that Katie is responsible for dramatically transforming my life!

    Katie taught me how to transform my co-dependent behaviours and self sabotaging beliefs. I realised that I was pushing all of my emotions and needs WAY down. This made me passive aggressive, unhappy and awkward. I wasn’t charging my worth in my business and I had run away from my life passion because I had lost my confidence and identity.

    My dreams became big, I started drinking in life again and I was fuelled with such passion and purpose, there was nothing else to do but relaunch my career doing what I loved and charging my worth! I am now uplevelling in EVERY part of my life and am already seeing the results which are absolutely incredible.

    If you are feeling stuck, lost and confused, out of love with yourself and want more out of life but don’t know how to get it then you simply must get in touch with Katie.

  • Hattie

    I have worked with Katie on a number of occasions and each time I have found out more about myself.

    As I up-level, we clear out more and I evolve more - layer by layer.

    I have most recently completed a 12 month season of private coaching with Katie. I was going through one of the most difficult times in my personal life while launching my second business. Knowing that she was there was a huge comfort. She held my hand whilst I navigated the bumpy road of life and gave me the tools to make it smoother.

    I am far more comfortable now to ask for help! I’ve learned I’m not meant to do life alone - not least when juggling as much as I do.

    I’ve also come to know profoundly that I am worthy of happiness, money and love and am able to stand up for my values as opposed to people pleasing.

  • Claire

    Working with Katie has brought both support and challenge in the best way possible. She has helped me get under the skin of what has been blocking my ability to be my authentic self and stop the cycle of progress, burnout and start again. Quite something after 20 years. I have been able to move from chaos as a daily norm to calm and focus.

    The results are significant shifts in being able to be clear about what I want and need – essential for me and everyone around me. I am more decisive and critical relationships have shifted – helping me run my business more effectively and bring more joy to my family too.

    I have found enormous value in her ongoing WhatsApp support, dealing with issues as they come up in the here and now. Katie is skilled and intuitive and her input often delivers immediate results for me. What can seem like a very subtle difference in perspective and approach can result in significantly better outcomes.

    Katie has helped me reconnect with, believe and trust in my viewpoint and expertise. I feel stronger, more self-assured and unapologetically me. Business is starting to thrive again too.

  • Paul

    I was chatting with my family over Christmas and we spent some time discussing you and in particular the ‘help’ you have given us. My English fails me there because ‘help’ I don’t think does the ‘Katie Work’ (as we call it) justice.

    We feel that you have transformed our lives and shown us a different way to live which we could not unscramble ourselves, so, and this is probably not said enough, we have tremendous feelings of gratitude for having you in our lives and also in my case certainly the utmost respect for what you have done for me, or together with me.

    Frankly I could not figure it out until you unlocked it for me.

    I felt like a weight has lifted and I am enjoying planning the things I am going to do this year and specifically ACTION that I am going to take towards projects that light me up, and also push me outside of my comfort zone.

'Katie Phillips is an inspirational woman with the gift of bringing out the best in others by helping them to see the best within themselves. If you want to be the greatest expression of yourself, then I dare you to have a self-love affair.’

Sandy C. Newbigging - Bestselling Author

‘Katie is a woman who teaches from a life she has fully explored. Her heart is one she has allowed to open to life's joys and sorrows. She inspires others to live with adventure and drop their fear.’

Tim Laurence - Co-founder of Hoffman UK + Bestselling Author

‘As a true model of triumph and positivity, Katie Phillips paves the way for modern day women to know their worth, claim their value and radiate self-love. In an era that is awakening to the power of self-love, you’ll find a mentor, a friend and hope in Katie.

Gina DeVee - International Success Coach

'Katie will help you move beyond self-limiting boundaries painlessly, to re-discover what existed all along - the love, power and pure magnificence that's really you!’

Stephanie J. King - Author of 'Divine Guidance'