• The Coach


I work with a handful of private 1:1 coaching clients each year.

If you would like to be considered for private coaching, please apply for a complimentary consultation below.

Who's taking care of you while you are taking care of the world?

I support Empowered Feminine Leaders with very bespoke coaching support so they can play a bigger game while honouring their wellbeing, relationships and highest values.

It’s easy to be compromised and to lose yourself when you are driven by big goals, ambitions and desires. I hold a high level space for you to heal and nurture as you go to your next level.

With a focus on mental/emotional mastery and feminine principles, my expert support ensures you stay unapologetically and confidently connected to yourself so that you may continue to soar.

I also work with men in exactly the same way.

  • Sandra

    I was stuck. I had a successful career and was working hard and ‘achieving’ but was desperately unhappy and had no time for myself and felt so lost.

    Katie’s intuitive approach to coaching really worked for me. She pushes gently (in a way that is caring and considered) to ensure I get to the root of the issue myself. Now I know what I want, I care less about what other people think and I judge myself and others less harshly. I can connect better with the people around me and I love myself a whole lot more with a whole lot more to give.

    I am now in the driving seat in my life. I know what’s important to me and I am letting that purpose guide my decisions. I have set up my own business to help brands to better understand & engage with women.

    Coaching with Katie was worth every penny. If you’re ready to dig deep and address the root causes that are holding you back, I can highly recommend coaching with Katie.

  • Katrina

    I was frustrated by the disconnect between being able to run a very successful business while being in constant struggle with my personal life. It was one of the most powerful decisions I have ever made. She has taught me lessons that every woman should know.

    I now know who I am, how I feel and why, which makes me feel so light and free! I have finally started to stop worrying about what other people think. I’ve stopped being so hard on myself and am able to better care for myself. I no longer give all of my time and energy to others and miraculously that has helped to heal relationships with the people I care about most!

    Katie has changed my life forever. My business has improved dramatically as a result of this work and my relationships are so much stronger.

    I have learned that it’s safe to be me and to trust myself. I am so grateful to feel so liberated!

  • Helen

    I can honestly say that Katie is responsible for dramatically transforming my life!

    Katie taught me how to transform my co-dependent behaviours and self sabotaging beliefs. I realised that I was pushing all of my emotions and needs WAY down. This made me passive aggressive, unhappy and awkward. I wasn’t charging my worth in my business and I had run away from my life passion because I had lost my confidence and identity.

    My dreams became big, I started drinking in life again and I was fuelled with such passion and purpose, there was nothing else to do but relaunch my career doing what I loved and charging my worth! I am now uplevelling in EVERY part of my life and am already seeing the results which are absolutely incredible.

    If you are feeling stuck, lost and confused, out of love with yourself and want more out of life but don’t know how to get it then you simply must get in touch with Katie.

  • Hattie

    I have worked with Katie on a number of occasions and each time I have found out more about myself.

    As I up-level, we clear out more and I evolve more - layer by layer.

    I have most recently completed a 12 month season of private coaching with Katie. I was going through one of the most difficult times in my personal life while launching my second business. Knowing that she was there was a huge comfort. She held my hand whilst I navigated the bumpy road of life and gave me the tools to make it smoother.

    I am far more comfortable now to ask for help! I’ve learned I’m not meant to do life alone - not least when juggling as much as I do.

    I’ve also come to know profoundly that I am worthy of happiness, money and love and am able to stand up for my values as opposed to people pleasing.

  • Pippa

    I wanted to take my career and relationship to new heights. I knew if I was going to achieve my goals I was going to need expert support and 100% accountability - and that is exactly what I received.

    With Katie’s wisdom, intuition and guidance, I have navigated a very challenging period of my life and have come out of it with a far stronger and deeper knowledge of my true self. To put that in real terms, for me that means:

    • * My income has increased by 40% and will reach 50% higher by next month.
    • * I have developed my relationship with myself and this knowledge has given me access to so much power within myself to create my future.
    • * My honesty and integrity in my relationship with my partner is really present now and a future for us is unfolding that I had only dreamt about.
    • * I have created a peaceful and supportive friendship with both my parents, where previously there had been a lot of ups and downs.