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I am a spokesperson, champion and advocate for Daring & Mighty Women everywhere.

My mission is to inspire and motivate you to live a life that feels even more authentic, empowered and valuable.

As is the case for so many who teach, write, speak and coach in the personal transformation and mastery space, I had to learn what I now am able to share. You could say I’ve been there and got the ripped, blood, sweat and mascara stained t-shirt to prove it!

I’m a Sydney Northern Beaches Gal who now resides in the UK’s Sussex Countryside with my husband and our children.

I had a rather blessed upbringing - swimming in the surf all Summer and horse-riding in the outback each Winter. My parents imparted incredibly powerful seeds of wisdom in my formative years. Dad told me I was “I can do anything, Katie” and I learned to live by the motto, ‘Dare Mighty Things’ - taken from the Theodore Roosevelt quote which Dad had blue-tacked to his office wall. Mum taught me to ‘Do Unto Others’, to be kind to myself and to love and respect my body. It was text-book masculine / feminine approaches to life which have and continue to serve me well.

I also learned a lot that would become my greatest opportunities for healing and growth. My parents divorce and my Mum’s suicide was a slap around the face which I wasn’t at all prepared for - my seemingly perfect family life quickly unraveled to reveal co-dependancy, depression, anxiety, alcoholism and more which had been lurking just beneath the pretty facade for many years. What we resist, persists (and usually bites us on the arse!) - one day, inevitably, what gets swept under the rug eventually becomes the catalyst that has that very rug pulled from beneath our feet.

I wonder if you can relate on any level?

You could say I’ve been there and got the ripped, blood, sweat and mascara stained t-shirt to prove it

And so my journey home to me began, starting with a decade living as a victim and allowing myself to feel like life was happening to me rather than for me because what we don’t own, owns us.

I was disempowered by perfectionism, keeping up appearances, co-dependancy, grief, addiction to external approval, a sense of not belonging, emotional roller-coasting and mental self-sabotage. My body reflected my emotional and mental ill-health with chronic fatigue, cystic acne, recurrent UTI’s and low immunity. My relationships reflected an addiction to drama and an inability to create a sense of significance, worthiness and lovability from within. My career reflected a good girl who would work hard to prove her worth.

From the outside looking in however it appeared as if I was living a great life. And I was. “I can do anything, Katie” lived a big, bold and adventurous life. I had a fabulous corporate career spanning Advertising, PR and Events Management, partied the socks off my twenties, climbed mountains, sailed seas, back-packed several continents and globe-trotted glamorously.

In my mid-thirties life invited me to look at the gaping chasm between the life I lived and how I truly felt. It was time to integrate these two worlds which required a profound healing journey that had me dive into my pain in a way that felt unsurvivable except that I emerged utterly transformed with an insatiable appetite to continue to know and love myself more and more and more.

I learned how to feel empowered by mastering my mind and my emotions. I learned how to unleash my divinely wild feminine while feeling utterly safe and supported by my inner masculine. I learned compassion, forgiveness and love for myself and others at a level I never dreamed possible. I found my authentic voice and learned ‘my way’ of being in business so that my success is holistic and aligned with my values. Best of all, as a result of all this, the people I love and care for most now get the best of me. It’s a win:win.

Who knew you could have a successful, fulfilling, purposeful career AND feel emotionally free AND feel vibrant, healthy and fit AND live your desired life AND have loving, peaceful and inspiring relationships….!?

My mission is to inspire and motivate you to live a life that feels even more authentic, empowered and valuable.

I am committed to my personal growth and evolution. Every new desire I have usually requires me to up-level in some way and that usually requires a degree of healing and transformation. I am committed daily to moving from fear to love with the intention of living my truth. I’m not a fan of the word ‘journey’ however haven’t yet found a word that so aptly describes the path of living consciously. The day I chose to own myself - warts ’n all - was the day my journey began and there’s no end to this wild ride.

I courageously journey alongside my clients, students and audiences - transparently sharing my growth as it continues to unfold and proud to be committed to living transformationally with them.

We are in this together, after-all!