The intricacies of sex and intimacy were normalised tonight. It was such a breathe of fresh air ... and so much fun! - Katie

“Such an interesting evening! Thank you."

- Sandra

"Amazing event! Really enjoyed it."

- Petra

"What an incredible event last night, thank you so much for having me be part of the panel!

So much fun, so grateful to be able to have such a frank, vulnerable and much needed discussion.

Such raw honesty in the room, these women were blown away that all of this is possible and that we can talk about it so freely!"

- Juliette

"Thanks so much for a wonderful evening at Albright. The energy in the room was so special, something quite magical.

You created a beautiful space for us all to open up and share experiences in a way I have not ever experienced before. Thank you deeply for that."

- Laura

"Thank-you for such a frank, honest, brave discussion which really encouraged me to look with fresh eyes at my relationship with my body and my own sexuality

and think about how my sexual relationship with my partner could both deepen and become more intimate

whilst also becoming more playful. It made me realise the benefit of guidance and

coaching when there are issues that are easy to ignore and dismiss

when actually working through them could bring me to new levels of intimacy and understanding with myself and my partner."

- T

“Katie is masterful at creating just the right mix of safety and trust whilst asking daring questions that go right to the heart.

This inspires conversation that is at once meaningful and vulnerable, opening minds and hearts to new ways of being that inspire positive change.

I loved being part of the panel that Katie ingeniously created –

the experience of each of us panelists was unique and yet we shared a single-hearted vision on the healing power of intimacy.

Katie kept this gold thread alive throughout the evening and everyone left feeling they had accessed something unique and special within.

I'll say it again, Katie is masterful.”

- Andrea

"I so loved my experience of speaking at Katie’s Daring and Mighty Event I am doing it again!

Katie is a consummate professional when it comes to presenting and hosting events.

She created the most loving, generous and safe space for everyone present to get vulnerable, share honestly and talk about sex and intimacy in a way many present had not experienced before."

- Naomi

"Katie created the most intimate and safe space at her Daring and Mighty dinner.

The way she hosted the evening had me, as a speaker, feel incredibly welcome and held and allowed me to open up fully to all our guests.

An evening where a much needed talk about intimacy was created by having frank, vulnerable and nourishing conversations.

I can’t wait to be part of the next Daring and Mighty event!"

- Juliette

Intimacy - Part One

This is just a snippet of the evening to give you a flavour of the event while retaining total confidentiality of all in the room.