These dinners are gaining rapid momentum - it’s becoming clear that awakened women are wanting this level of depth in their lives. I am honoured to be a part of this growing movement - Katie

“It was a very special evening and I really enjoyed being surrounded of beautiful was very nurturing and reassuring...I felt very welcome.

Your event reminded me that I can still bring positive energy and value to the world.

Your speakers were great in different ways and you brought such an earthy and sincere quality to the was all very refreshing. Thank you."

- Isabel

"You, the Food, the Speakers, the Space, the Attendees, the Dress.

Your heart wide open talk.

The Feeling."

- Elizabeth.

"Congratulations on the success of your dinner, it’s safe to say everyone had a great time and felt really taken care of by you and the club with lovely food and wine.

Clearly in your element and the epitome of the feminine energy last night.”

- Jo

"A big thank you for last nights event. It was really amazing!”

- Jayelene

"I loved loved loved it! Thank you for organising such a special and wondrous evening. It truly did touch my heart.

You are changing the world with your beautiful aura and words. Just magical!"

- Liz

"I felt compelled to write to you. Tonight was amazing. It completely touched me.

I loved all the stories. You are doing great things here.”

- Sandra

“Last dinner was wonderful, but tonight’s really touched my heart! It came at the right time for me - just as I’m starting to run too fast on the career wheel again and not give my kids enough time.

Getting a balance is hard. I still don’t know how to do it, but I’m going to try!!

Your events are a true success because of who you are and the open and trusting environment you create!”

- Philippa

"You did a great and powerful thing in bringing those wonderful humans together in one place like that.

People don't give up their evenings easily - it has to be worth it! You have to be trusted. You should be very proud."

- Claire

"Wow, that was such a moving and powerful event. Thanks for such an amazing and opening evening."

- Jennifer

'The Power Of The Feminine'

Katie Phillips




Claire Cater